Machine Intelligence in Life Sciences

About MILS Group

MILS Group LLC was founded in 2015 to support innovation in Life Sciences and Healthcare by applying Machine Learning to drug discovery and patient care.

Our current objective is to facilitate adoption of Machine Learning by biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, and through that provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) research community with a flow of real world data and problems to solve. 

As we grow, we will be developing an incubative platform to help AI start ups, academia, and early stage investors collaborate in solving human health problems.

Our Projects

MILS Group has launched a research project with the following objectives:

Map utilization of the Machine Learning tools at the major biopharmaceutical and medical device companies

Reveal unmet needs in drug discovery and patient/physician education that can be addressed by application of the Machine Learning tools

Learn the position of FDA and other regulatory authorities on usage of Machine Learning by biopharmaceutical and medical device companies

MILS Group plans to openly publish these findings to facilitate collaboration between the AI research community and the biopharmaceutical industry. Please contact us and subscribe for our future Reports.


If you are interested in learning more about this research, please contact Constantin Loghinov at


Our Team


Constantin Loghinov linked-in-icon

Managing Director, MILS Group LLC

Expertise: Growth strategy consulting for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies; marketing management for biopharmaceutical manufacturing business.

Elena Cant linked-in-icon

Experienced Bio-Pharmaceutical Executive

Expertise: Strategy and operations consulting for healthcare and life sciences companies; management of business development, operations, commercial functions of biopharmaceutical companies.

Advisory Board

Victor Culiuc linked-in-icon

Managing Director, Healthios Capital Markets, LLC

Expertise: Investment banking services with focus on financing and M&A for emerging growth healthcare companies.

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Upcoming Meetings

AI in Pharma Summit

Boston, MA, October 17

NIPS 2017

Long Beach, CA, December 4-9

AI World 2017

Boston, MA, December 11-13

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